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The mediation process


Pre –  mediation agreement

The mediator will contact the parties separately to discuss briefly the issues they wish to raise, together with practical issues which usually includes where the mediation will take place and how long it will last. The mediator will explain the process and the requirements for the parties to observe and maintain confidentiality.

Individual meetings

The mediator will meet each of the parties individually to get to know them and to ask about what their issues are in more detail  and to ask what they are hoping to achieve from mediation.

Joint meeting

The mediator will arrange the joint meeting in a neutral venue. The mediator will explain the mediation process to the parties together and explain about confidentiality. 

 Both parties will have the opportunity to talk to each other about the issues that have brought them to mediation and what outcome they are hoping to achieve.

The mediation will close when all issues have been aired and dealt with and the parties are satisfied that they have worked through the process. 

Follow up meetings

It may be necessary for a follow up meeting, and this will be agreed with the parties.


In formal proceedings parties relinquish control to the grievance panel. With mediation the parties retain full control and are responsible for any outcome, which is empowering and helps with rebuilding and preserving relationships.


Parties can  be overwhelmed if their issues are with a manager. The mediation process creates a level playing field. All discussions remain confidential which provides the parties with trust and confidence in the process, even if the process is not successful.

Save Time

A mediation can be set up in a matter of days  avoiding a drain on costs and further damage to  relationships, health and well-being of the parties.


Mediation is proven to be 90% successful in resolving disputes in the workplace.


Thank you for taking the time to meet with us and facilitate such a supportive process.

Mediation client

Thank you for today. I just wanted to say that you were very calming and made a very painful job less difficult.

Mediation client

I just wanted to thank you for being so understanding. I think that is the hardest thing I have had to do but you were really kind to me when I got upset and made the process less intimidating.

Mediation client

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