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Nicola has been carrying out mediations throughout her career and is passionate about the benefits of the process

Do You Need a mediator?

Mediation is an impartial, confidential process that enables parties to work together to resolve their disputes.

UK data shows that 65% of performance problems are a result of strained relationships; 42% of a managers time is spent on conflict; 25% of sickness absence is from conflict.



In formal proceedings parties relinquish control of their disputes and conflict. With mediation the parties retain full control and are responsible for any outcome, which is empowering and helps with rebuilding and preserving relationships.


Parties can be overwhelmed if their issues are with a manager. The mediation process creates a level playing field. All discussions remain confidential which provides the parties with trust and confidence in the process, even if the process is not successful.

Save Time

A mediation can be set up in a matter of days which helps to avoid a drain on costs and further damage to relationships, health and well-being.


Mediation is proven to be 90% successful in resolving disputes in the workplace.


Thank you for meeting with us and facilitating such a supportive process.

Mediation Client

Mediation was a massively positive step. I got a lot from it and took away strategies that I will use. I would not hesitate to recommend mediation. I would say one hundred percent go for it. 


Mediation Client

You were gentle with the rules and the expectations of our behaviour. You did not let the discussions escalate and you gave us the time and space to both talk and listen. 

Mediation Client




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